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The Massage

It was thirty-two degrees in the yurt yesterday. The massage yurt. With earthly Frances, cotton doors, air full of memory; heavy. I enter with reminder not to crumble, only calm lives here.

heart depth
grew between the two
cuddling through chemo

Heat increases, Frances flicks on the fan, removes a layer. Long strokes, one hand; shorter strokes with two. Melt away. Our bodies hold pain, between third and fourth vertebrate, a moment to the left of centre.

we travel sideways
to goodbyes
and back again to light

Frances glides hot palms off the sockets of my eyes. She shifts clouds. The yurt allows the sun through, eyelids smashed with yellow. That light – my friend fell through it, now painless on the brighter side. How she shines.

this bright moment
Written by Kerryn Crowe

Photo credit: Here comes the sun by Terrie Schweitzer  Used under the Creative Commons License