© 2015 Gabriela SAMSUNG


1328. My soul was lost five grams before she met eternal rest and the peace never found in the pounding of her head, with the words she had left unsaid to be uttered in my ears only, while my eyes flooded with her descent into indifference, in the Valium nights we spent huddled in each others secrets, wide open listening to the songs that understood us more than anyone else ever could.

So I cleaned her wounds, wrapping them in bandages knowing that I could never fix her, pleading for her to hold on for one more year before she disappeared into bones as flesh diminished with her hopes of something more, and I watched her die in my arms wishing that they were around her at 3:47am with the last of her apologies, when it was me who had failed to save her from the mediocrity of her clichéd farewells in hotel rooms, where my hands couldn’t reach to stop her from ending it, taking me with her, yet in reality, not at all.

Written by Saskia McCormack-Kuijpers.