© 2015 Gabriela Tyler2


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Pasqua.

The reason for me creating this piece was to be able to express in the only possible way I knew I could, what it felt like to lose people in my life that meant something to me. Unfortunately I have lost friends to both suicide and cancer in the last two years and it took quite a toll on my everyday life, to have people that you used to talk to pretty much everyday to suddenly not being able to contact them all was one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in life. But life moves on, and everything else continues to grow.


I said goodbye to the cold winter,
And dream of summer days,
Where the ocean air is good enough,
To cure me of this haze,
I say goodbye to you for the last time,
Depression is not a phase,
If only you could hear me now
And feel my embrace.

I say goodbye when the winter comes,
While I kneeled at your grave,
It’s time to say farewell to another torn page,
A chapter left unwritten,
A story forever changed,
A book without an ending,
Why must you take the good away?

For all those suffering with depression whether that be from an illness or just feeling upset with something in your life, please seek professional help.