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Here You Lay


I had started a song after riding past the local cemetery and observing people visiting loved ones, whilst others just walked through the peaceful areas lost in their thoughts. I struggled to get past the chorus “Here you lay on a sunny Autumn day, just passing time pushing up daisies..”.

A few months later we stayed in a very small country town for a few days to try and do some songwriting. After breakfast, we went for a walk to get ourselves moving for the day. As is common in small towns, the local cemetery is on the top of the highest hill. We walked in and read the stories on some quite old headstones and then I walked around another row and found the grave of one of my musical icons who had passed away in tragic circumstances a few years previously. He was buried next to his mother and the trinkets were small but very moving. I was immensely overwhelmed and after calming down we went back to the house and I was able to finish the song within an hour. I have played it many times and I generally don’t share who I found but let people imagine their own significant circumstances.